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Aqua Fitness


KSA offers a fantastic Aqua Fitness program with motivated instructors. Aqua Fitness is an excellent form of "low impact" exercise that targets core strength, increases mobility and flexibility, promotes good posture, increased strength and muscle toning. It is also an excellent cardio workout that will improve your overall fitness. Water based activities are beneficial for everyone including pregnant women, older adults, rehabilitating people and fit people . KSA runs Deep water classes in our outdoor 25m lap pool. The use of aqua belts and noodle aids for buoyancy and resistance style exercises, you don’t need to be a good swimmer, just love being in the water. No complicated choreography, just motivation, great music, and all the benefits of exercising in a welcoming supportive environment.

Class Timetable
No bookings needed, no entry fees to pay just
$8 per class paid on the day

Date Time
Tuesday  9.30am to 10.15am
Thursday  9.30am to 10.15am
Friday 9.30am to 10.15am

What are some benefits of Exercising in Water ?

1. The upward thrust exerted by water on a body, which acts in the opposite direction of the force of gravity. Water’s buoyancy virtually eliminates the effects of gravity – supporting 90 percent of the body’s weight for reduced impact and greater flexibility. For example, a 140 lbs (63kg) person weighs only 14 lbs (6 kg) in the water. Water acts as a cushion for the body’s weight-bearing joints, reducing stress on muscles, tendons and ligaments. As a result, aquatic workouts are low impact and can greatly reduce the injury and strain common to most land-based exercises.

2. Resistance in water ranges between 4 and 42 times greater than in air – depending on the speed of movement. This makes water a natural and instantly-adjustable weight-training machine. Unlike most land-based exercise, water provides resistance to the movement in all directions, which allows all of these directions be used in the strengthening process. Water’s resistance can be increased with speed and/or surface area, and the resistance is proportional to the effort required to move against it. With the addition of water fitness equipment, such as buoyancy belt, webbed gloves, floats and foot-ware, resistance is increased to strengthen and tone muscles.

3. The unique properties of water enable your heart to work more efficiently. The hydrostatic pressure of water pushes equally on all body surfaces and helps the heart circulate blood by aiding venous return (blood flow back to the heart). This assistance to the heart accounts for lower blood-pressure and heart rates, during deep-water exercise – versus similar exertions on land. Consequently, your heart rate is an estimated 10-15 beats lower per minute during suspended water exercise than for the same effort applied on land.